Document Type : Research Paper


1 Kharazmi University of Tehran

2 Motor behavior, pyisical education, Kharazmi university

3 Department of motor behavior karazmi university Tehran-Iran

4 University of tabriz


Creativity is one of the most important variables that guarantees a person's athletic success, It is also important for continued physical activity in beginners. The purpose of this study was the role of motor learning teaching strategies on team creativity of beginner soccer’s. The participants in this study were 66 male students from Tehran universities who participated in this study voluntarily. All of them were beginners, which was confirmed by an expert opinion. Participants were randomly assigned to linear, nonlinear, and differential teaching groups and practiced two sessions each week for three months. Each group was trained by their own instructor. After the interventions, each group played a game and the participants' creativity was examined by analyzing the film and with the opinions of two experts. The results have been reported descriptively due to the rarity of the identified actions. The findings show that the team creativity in the group that practiced with non-linear pedagogy was greater than the other two groups, and the team creativity in group which practiced in the differential group was greater than the linear group. Based on the ecological dynamics perspective, these results suggest the use of environmental manipulation and task to enhance team creativity due to exploration and help solve movement challenges, and are recommended for educators, teachers, and physical education instructors. Of course, using this method requires the expertise and creativity of the instructor.