Review process

The review process of the articles is done confidentially and the name of authors for the reviewers and the reverse is not mentioned.

Reviewing the articles at first is conducted with respect to the standards of the journal and then is sent to the editor-in-chief.

If the article content is congruent with the journal issues of interest and if it entails innovation and practical implications for further achievement of journal’s goals, it is sent to the reviewers, otherwise, it would be rejected with non-review reasons.

Approved-by-editor articles are sent for three reviewers and reported to the editor if it is scored with two positive points.

The ultimate decision for acceptance or rejection of the article is taken by editor-in-chief and board members.


Peer Review Criteria 

  • Using proper methods in research implementation
  • Presenting novel findings and linking them to the current knowledge of the field.
  • Comprehensiveness and precision in the article
  • Quantity and volume
  • Quality of references
  • Academic quality of findings and using proper instruments for assessment and measurements
  • Valid analysis of findings and conclusion
  • Ease of writing and establishing good understanding of research studies
  • Presenting total research issues for replicability
  • Congruency between topic or purpose and journal categories
  • Acceptance criteria (rejected with non-review reasons):
  • Authenticity
  • Subject conformity with journal content
  • Innovation of the study and novelty of findings
  • Applicability of the findings
  • Implementing valid and novel methods.
  • Using proper methods for reporting findings and correct statistics
  • Implementing academic methods for article writing
  • Observing the template of journal for article submission