The Journal of Motor Behavior is a scientific research journal that aims to publishing research and review articles in the field of Motor Behavior with specific purposes and is seeking to become the best publication among the domestic scientific and research publications in the field of Physical Education in the year 2020. In addition, it is trying to index its articles internationally 



  • Leading Motor Behavior research to applied research and developing services of this field to increase society's health
  • Motivating people to start interdisciplinary studies and cooperation of psychologists,  rehabilitation specialists and other exports who work on motor behavior related areas
  • Guiding researchers to conduct needed research related to motor behavior
  • Publishing new research findings in order to extend knowledge boundaries in motor behavior new areas
  •  Transferring theoretical and practical achievements of experts in order to exchange learning and experiences based on valid research methods in the field of motor behavior
  • Assisting improvement of scientific knowledge level and
  •  Contributing to academic knowledge promotion, establishing and standardizing new research instruments in assessment and measurement practices in motor behavior.
  • Linking between Iranian and international professionals and researchers
  • Establishing the spirit and motivation for researching novel topics in motor behavior field in students, professors and researches of the field