Document Type : Research Paper


1 urmia University- Faculty of Sport Sciences

2 Faculty of Urmia University


Motivation drives humans to attain desired goals or objects by enhancing our attention, facilitating faster physical movement, and reinforcing behaviors that lead to goal acquisition. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of motivational changes and vision training on visual skills, alpha wave and golf skills learning. 60 female students with a mean age (22.2±2/3) years participated in a semi-experimental research project containing pre and post-experimental. Subjects were randomly assigned to experimental and control groups after pre-test. To intervene in the experimental groups, Behavioral interventions of the need-supportive environment and visual training of Revien and Gabor were used. Before and after the training program, Vision tests (Saccade movements, eye-hand coordination and peripheral vision) were performed on the subjects. The alpha wave was recorded using a two-channel neurofeedback device. Participants' performance was also recorded as a radial error in golf putting task Data were analyzed using multivariate analysis of covariance. The results showed that there was a significant difference between the four groups in the post-test scores of visual skills, alpha and performance (p <0.05). The results of post hoc test showed better and more effective need - supportive behavioral interventions along with visual training on visual skills, alpha wave and golf performance. Recent findings from research literature suggest that motivation from the need - supportive environment through satisfaction of the three main basic psychological needs along with vision training by limiting the scope of attention, is effective on visual processing and focusing attention on visual stimuli.