Document Type : Research Paper


1 مدیر آموزش های تخصصی و تحصیلات تکمیلی

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, Khodabandeh Branch, Islamic Azad University, Khodabandeh, Iran

3 dabir/amozesh va parvaresh


The purpose of this research was to edition a specialized exercise package for students with Down syndrome so that the coaches, specialists, parents and trianers of this people can prescribe a suitable exercise program for this people with comprehensive and complete information. This exercise package included the principles of exercise for this people, the best practics methods for them, and the details of planning an exercise program based on the etiology of this disorder and the characteristics of people with Down syndrome. After compiling this exercise package, the researchers implemented these exercises in two exceptional children's schools and checked the feasibility of these exercises and made the necessary adjustments in the exercise program. The review of the studies conducted in this field showed that the trainers of this people should consider 12 principles as the most fundamental principles and basics of sports rehabilitation of these people and the best practics methods for this people include strength training and its complementary exercises, Aerobics, muscular endurance, balance, perception-action training, yoga and gymnastics, training with transfer devices, use of vibration device, virtual games and exercises after school. Undoubtedly, providing special training packages for people with any type of disorder will enable trainers, professionals, parents and trainers to act with more confidence and self-confidence to prescribing training programs for this people in the fields of increase physical activity and health development.


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